A rehomed dog will love you forever!

Why adopt a Greekie?

There are plenty of animals in UK shelters right now. Why go through the process of rehoming a Greek pet?

The truth is that we love animals, and if you wish to adopt an abandoned dog from UK shelters, we fully and heartily support it! However, many people only know the Greece of the glossy holiday brochures, a beautiful country which hides a lot of the suffering Greek animals experience due to the mentality of a large proportion of Greek people. Stray dogs are to be seen wandering in the streets, being exposed to incredible risks and many times horrific abuse. Deaths by poisoning occur daily in all parts of Greece. Dogs are left uncared for, suffering from hunger, various injuries caused by car accidents, natural illnesses such as leishmania and mange etc. There are very few rescues, let alone rescues with space to foster dogs. Despite the fact that the law supports funding of animal welfare rescues, these are offered only to the Municipalities that are by law responsible for handling stray animals. Independent rescues are solely funded by their volunteer members, and thus their rescuing capabilities are extremely limited. Public shelters are rarely up to any standard you would expect to see in the UK, and private shelters are totally unsupported.

What to do next

Why foster a Greekie?

Foster families are perhaps one of the most valuable links in the rescuing chain

By opening your homes and hearts to a rescued dog you, HELP them become accustomed to living in a home environment thus greatly improving their chances for adoption, SAVE them from a possible lifetime of kennel living, FACILITATE the adoption process by offering interested families the option to personally meet their potential new family member and RESCUE another homeless soul, thus opening a space for another dog in need.

What to do next


New Life Greek Rescue started in 2008, when four Greek ladies formed an independent stray and street dog rescuing group. During the course of these 7 years, more than 160 dogs have been rehomed in Greece and abroad! Most of these were rescued as puppies in grave danger or simply abandoned. Adult dogs were also rescued that were injured or sick and in need of medical treatments or surgical operations.

In 2013 they joined forces with a group of UK animal lovers and formed a New Life Greek Rescue Facebook page. Our combined aim is to find loving homes for our dogs in the UK and Greece. We always need new homes and foster carers both in Greece and the UK. The capacity of our shelter in Greece is very limited as we are entirely self-financed. We raise funds via our group on Facebook by running auctions, offering virtual adoptions and regular monthly public donations.

Please join us now, and help Greek dogs to a New Life.

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    The mainstay of our fundraising is our monthly auction. For more information on how to join in and help us please visit the above link which is a public group on Facebook (you will need to have a Facebook account to access the auction page)

    Virtual Adoptions

    Perhaps if you are not in a position to adopt or foster a dog from us, you can consider a Virtual Adoption. For a minimum donation of £20 you receive a Certificate with photograph and information on the dog you have chosen. These make excellent gifts for friends and family.

    Monthly Donations

    One-off, or regular monthly donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.