Rehoming Process

Anyone interested in adopting one of our dogs should:

* Get in touch using our contact page advising us of which dog you may be interested in and we will be in touch.

* We will send an email back asking you to supply information which will enable us to ascertain your suitability for the dog you have chosen. Once we have been in contact, a home check will be organised which can usually take place within a week.

* On successful completion of the home check, you will be telephoned so we can speak together and you can ask anything you may have forgotten before.

* The next step after a successful home check will by the signing of the contract with NLGR.

* The adoption fee for a dog coming from Greece is £240 which basically covers the transport of this dog. To enable us to book the transport we will require a deposit of £120, and the remaining £120 must be paid before the dogs arrival in UK.

* All other costs including passport, vaccinations, microchipping, neutering and preparation in Greece are borne by the Rescue. If the dog is too young to be neutered, we will ask for a further £100 which will be held by the rescue and refunded to you on production of the vet confirmation that neutering has taken place. NOTE Neutering of our dogs is mandatory.

* You will be expected to pick up your dog from the transporters at a pre agreed location*. If you are unable to do so, you will be expected to cover the cost of internal UK transport, or arrange for a friend/family member to pick the dog up. We will need to see proof of ID (copy of passport and a utility bill showing address) before we sign over the dog to your care.

* For dogs already in the UK we ask for a £120 donation to the Rescue. Again if too young to be neutered we will ask for a further £100 which will be held by the rescue and refunded to you on production of the vet confirmation that neutering has taken place.

* According to our contract terms, if circumstances mean you have to give up your dog, the dog MUST BE RETURNED to the care of NLGR. We are happy to provide rescue back up in urgent cases, but the more notice we can be provided with the better. We would also appreciate a small donation towards to cost of pick up and kennelling/foster which will be required before rehoming. Of course we hope that our dogs will have a home for life with their initial adopter, that is our aim.

* Pick up location in the UK with be a TRACES registered kennels where the dogs will remain for 48 hours once they reach the UK in accordence with current EU legislation.

TRACES is not yet organised for dogs coming from the area our shelter is in, but we are working with the vets to get this organised as soon as possible. In the meantime you can virtually sponsor a dog and support in that way.


We welcome offers of fostering to help us out in emergency situations, e.g. return of a dog for any reason, to care for a dog whose owner is going into hospital for a while or to care for a dog due to a family emergency etc.

We would also on occasion welcome fosterers for a dog coming into the UK if it means we can give one more dog to a chance of rehoming, to travel alongside one already reserved for adoption. These are generally medium to long term foster requirements and usually would be for a puppy aged four months upwards which we find are usually easier to rehome than older dogs. If you would like to be homechecked to become an emergency fosterer for NLGR, please get in touch via our cantact form where you can provide information on how you can be contacted, your area of the UK and whether there is a dog size limit. We will respond to arrange the homecheck and assess all relevant information.


Why do I need to complete an application form?

An application form gives us some basic information on your lifestyle, experience of dogs and other pets.

Why do I have to have a homecheck. I already have dogs?

A homecheck is necessary to check the information on the application given is correct and to talk through any queries you may have regarding adopting a dog from Greece. Our dogs travel many thousands of miles to a new home, we have to ensure that the home is right for both the adopter and the dog.

I don't drive, can I adopt a dog?

Of course, however we would expect you to either pay or arrange for UK internal transport.

Do you have Rescue Back Up?

Although we don't have actual kennel premises in the UK, we do always ask you to return a dog to the rescue in case of any drastic change of circumstances or any problems. More on this can be seen under actual Adoption Process section.

I've signed the contract, paid the money, the dog is mine?

In effect yes of course the dog is yours, however because we take our rescue very seriously, we do ask you to sign a contract which states you will return the dog to us in event of any problems, that you agree to having a further home visit after three months, and sometimes after six months, and that you keep in touch with the rescue.

I have adopted a dog from you, and would like to offer to foster?

We are always in need of good foster carers, either for dogs that may be returned on an emergency basis due to owner health issues, or long term foster for dogs, usually puppies that may get a better chance of adoption if already in the UK. We pay for any vet treatment but would expect the fosterer to have third party insurance and pay for food.

Can I contact you if I have questions about behavioural problems or just need advice?

YES, we encourage all of our adopters to contact us with ANY issue or concern. We can offer a lot of advice from experienced members of the Group and also have a behaviourist resource we can refer you to.