Our Current Dogs

  • Rina

    Rina is an 8 year old girl.
    Rina was taken from the streets because she was leishmania positive and needed to have treatment . There were two attempts to put her back in the neighbourhood that she was living in for 4 years but both times she found the way to come back to me (5 kilometers distance). She is a very clever but also dominant dog. She doesn't show any interest in cats or other dogs but she can easily start a fight for food. Her last leishmania title was 1/400. She is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and she would be ideal as a companion dog for older people.

  • Paris

    Paris is a 6 year old boy.
    Paris is fully vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He is doing very well with children and female dogs, but not that good with male dogs. He is playful and he is the ideal dog for families.

  • Sarah

    Sarah is a 6 years old female dog
    Sarah is totally healthy and she is doing great with all dogs and people (including children). she is fully vaccinated, microchiped and neutered.She was found with her siblings when they were still puppies, and they all had the right ear badly cat (probably with scissor or knife). She is a little timid bust she is a very happy and playful dog when she trusts someone. She is also a very good guardian and she protect her area from the strangers, only when there is a fence between her and them.

  • Polar

    POLAR approx. 2 years old, 40 kg~

    Beautiful Polar was found in the city early in 2015. She is very friendly with humans but will need to be the only dog in a home, she is very possessive with food.

  • Hercules

    Hercules is just over 1 year old, 45Kg~

    Hercules is a just over a one year old boy. He is very friendly with people, kids, other dogs and puppies. He was found on the side of the road when a car hit him. He was slowly dying from starvation. He was only 18 kilos by then. Now he is about 45 kilos, totally healthy and happy, fully vaccinated, microchiped and soon he will be castrated. Looking for his forever home but with experienced people with big size dogs.

  • Scott

    Scott is around 8 years old, 50kg~

    Scott was rescued from the center of Thessaloniki when he was around 4. He is a gentle giant, extremely friendly with people, very sociable animal. He used to escape our property only to go and hang out with children or other people in the village. He was adopted once, but was returned because he killed a pet- parrot of the lady that adopted him. He is extremely well behaved on the leash, despite his size. He still has the energy of a puppy, he loves playing! He has recently undergone an ear surgery because he suffered from persistent infections, and the vet performed a Lateral ear canal resection..

  • Ted

    Ted is a 4 years old male dog
    Ted was found in the middle of the highway from where we released him. He had a hip dysplasia and he had operation for that. He is also positive to Leihsmania. He is doing very well with other dogs, sometimes not so well with some other males. He is also very friendly to people and children. Ideal for any kind of family.

  • Maggie

    MAGGIE 2 year old mixed breed, height 75cm, weight 20kg~

    Maggie was found as a puppy with broken leg after a car accident. She had a surgery for that and now she is totally healthy. She is doing very well with all dogs and cats, and also with humans and children. She loves the water and she always put her legs in the water buckets. She is very playful and happy and she would be ideal for an energetic family. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

  • Whitey

    Whitey is a 6 years old male dog

    Whitey is doing very well with female dogs and people but not so well with male dogs. He was found in terrible condition, positive to Leihsmania, Ehrlichia and dirofilaria (heart worm). He was treated and now he only got Leihsmania (1/400 last title). Fully vaccinated, microchiped and castrated. He is a little timid with people but he forget everything for a good treat. He would be ideal for any kind of family.

  • New dog coming soon

  • Irma

    Irma Approx 5 years old, mixed breed, weight 30kg~

    Irma was rescued when she was a small puppy of 5 months old from an elementary school where the children were kicking her. Luckily she suffered only muscle strains and has been in the shelter ever since. She is very playful and loving to humans. She gets along with some dogs but tends to try to be the alpha dog. Ideally a home of her own with no other dogs would be ideal. She has been waiting a long time.

  • Mara

    Mara Approx 4 years old, mixed breed, weight kg~

    Mara was rescued a year ago. We think from her behaviour she was only just abandoned as she was running and shaking. She is a lovely crazy dog, medium sized but a bit fat. She adores humans and craves attention.