Adopted Dogs

  • Theo - Adopted by Kimberley Jackson

    Theo has been with us since 2/3/14. Theo is very playful & so loving, always giving cuddles and kisses. He loves to be outside but also loves to snuggle on the sofa with a blanket. Theo was very anxious when he came to us but he has come a long way. He is still very nervous around new people/in new places, but he soon settles & comes out of his shell, with the help of his fur bro, Leo. Theo let's you know he wants something by grumbling at you, typical male, he is happiest when he can run around and play outside with his doggy friends. He is a mummy's boy, and we couldn't imagine life without him now.

  • JuJu - Adopted by Kerry Latham

    We've had Juliette (JuJu) for 18 months, she settled in with 2 others dogs instantly, she is playful and loves people and other dogs. She is very expressive and 'talks' to us. JuJu has a fascination for socks and slippers, and on a morning we are greeted by her with either a sock, slipper, dads pants or mums bra! She has been no problem and we are all very happy.

  • MUZZY - Adopted by Karen Tessadri

    We adopted Muzzy (formerly Arthur) in November 2014 after seeing him completely by chance on NLGR, and he came to us as a scared little fella who didn't bark for 2 weeks! He is now considerably bigger and louder! He is a bouncy lovable character who finds trouble without looking, always getting into mischief but we wouldn't have it any other way. He loves everybody and everything and you only have to look at his sweet little face when he's asleep and he is instantly forgiven any chaos he has caused. I would definitely say one of Greece's best exports and we love him more and more each day.

  • Nikki - Adopted by Louise Williams

    (Nikta which means night in Greece) was our very first dog brought over to the UK. She came over to foster with Louise Williams and found an adopter in a very short time. Unfortunately that adopter was found to be unsuitable after further investigation and Nikki was returned to us and to foster with Louise, the great news being that this wonderful girl has now been properly adopted by Louise and is now safe forever.

  • Naomi - Adopted by Luke Wheeldon

    Naomi came over to foster in an attempt to find her forever home. She is a lovely sweet girl and after a few months in foster she found her forever home with Luke in Nottinghamshire. She has another doggie playmate and is very happy.

  • Kardia (was Blondy) - Adopted by Carla Hill

    Kardia arrived in the UK as a pup and went into foster in Norfolk, Within a few weeks this beautiful girl had found her forever home. Blondy now called Kardia was a very clever girl, she insisted on being rescued in Greece, following our ladies and wanting to get into the car. That persistence paid off, she got rescued and came over to a new life which she very much deserves.

  • Mala and Missy - Adopted by Lara Bayley

    Mala came over to adoption as a very timid scared girl, but also very loving. We just knew the right person had adopted her, Lara is very experienced in dealing with scared dogs. It took some time and Mala is still afraid of having her photograph taken, but she has settled really well and has a Romanian brother too. So when we brought over Missy to foster, we were very concerned as she could not seem to settle in the busy household who had already adopted Kardia. I had a brainwave, should I ask Lara to foster her? I did, she agreed, and now a few months later Missy is doing so well and has also given more confidence to Mala. A very lucky pair of Greekies indeed

  • Nia - Adopted by Michelle Wright

    Nia who was rescued at a few days old with her siblings Cody, Rosie and Colin along with their mum. Nia is now living a happy life in Cheshire with Michelle and family. She goes to the farm most days and ends up tearing around enjoying herself.

  • Perry - Adopted by Kamila Szwalbe

    Perry who will feature in our forthcoming "What we do" was rescued after being left for dead from a dreadful road accident. Rehabilitated in Greece he came over for adoption to the UK and found a loving home with Kamila. Perry is living proof of how we can work to save these dogs in Greece.

  • Snow White

    Snow White and her puppies have been lucky enough to find homes with families in Greece.

  • Snow White Pups

    All pups of Snow White have found new homes in Greece.

  • Last pup of Snow White

    This last pup has found a new home in Greece.

  • Cody - Adopted by Paula Woodiwiss

    Cody is now called Toby. He is doing very well and lives with his new sister a Sharpei called Bear. It is hoped Toby will become a PAT dog in the future as he has a definite affinity with children and disabled people.

  • Emilios

    Currently under process of adoption.

  • Casper - Adopted by Pat Burgess

    Casper came over to the UK in September 2015 as a sponsored dog ready for adoption. He spent a couple of months in Wales and in November 2015 moved to his forever home on a horse sanctuary owned by Pat Burgess. Casper is a big friendly lovable dog that adores fuss and is enjoying his new life on the farm.

  • Luna

    Adopted in Canada.

  • Chloe

    Adopted in Canada.